We are committed to finding unique property opportunities with higher than market-average returns. We pride ourselves on being able to mitigate equity risk to a minimal level, ensuring a near to guaranteed return on our investment.

An Opportunity Led Family Office

WestOne Capital Group is a family office based in Knightsbridge, London.

Primarily, we look to back small to medium size developers throughout the UK with equity, allowing them to grow the number of projects they do per year.

We create long-lasting partnerships both with developers and co-investors, based on transparency, trust and past performance.

Our Projects

While we focus most of our time on property opportunities within the UK, we will also entertain international projects should there be a good synergy between the opportunity and a member of our team.

Each project we engage with is brought to us by a pre-existing partner of our company. We will analyse and carry out due diligence on the opportunity, deduct if and where we can be of assistance, and proceed if we believe we can add value.